Jetties being upgraded

The $750,000 upgrade is being jointly funded by the City of Joondalup ($255,000) and Department of Transport ($495,000) and will include the installation of six piled floating pontoon jetty and gangway systems and an upgrade of access infrastructure.

The project follows concerns raised about corrosion to fittings and connectors, cracked and rotten timber and protruding sections of the decking being a hazard.

It aims to increase the amenity and safety of the facility and provide a safer option for people with disabilities to undertake recreational boating activities.

Work is expected to take about four months with three jetties open for use at all times to minimise disruption.

The City has also been approved a $30,000 grant to establish a fish cleaning station at the harbour.

Liza Harvey takes over duty for marina decision

ALBERT Jacob has passed his responsibilities as Environment Minister for the proposed Ocean Reef marina redevelopment project to ministerial colleague Liza Harvey. He said this was a standard process within government.

�Because I have been the local Member and have always strongly advocated (for the project), it was my view that the Environment Minister decision maker should be somebody who is impartial to the project and it also leaves me free to lobby for it,� he said.�If I was minister, I couldn�t be making these comments so I�m commenting as the local member, not as the minister.�