Joondalup Magistrates Court: Pearsall resident targeted by illegal car dealer

Joondalup Magistrates Court.
Joondalup Magistrates Court.

A MAN has been fined nearly $10,000 for illegally selling 12 cars throughout Perth last year, including to a customer in Pearsall.

Grant William James Hislop, of Huntingdale, did not appear in Joondalup Magistrates Court on August 3 when he was convicted of dealing cars without a licence.

Magistrate Deen Potter fined him $9500, which he said was at the “upper end” for a first offence, because deterrence was needed for a practice that left consumers at high risk, particularly through online purchases.

Hislop bought 18 cars and sold 12 of them.

“When an individual enters business under the radar… the consumer has potential to suffer significant loss,” the magistrate said. “There’s a heightened need for general deterrence… because people can move these vehicles online.”

Commissioner for Consumer Protection David Hillyard said a person who made more than four transactions of buying and selling vehicles within a year was considered a dealer.

“We urge the community to report unlicensed motor vehicle dealing to us,” Mr Hillyard said.

“This illegal activity means consumers do not get the warranties and protections they would otherwise receive when purchasing from a licensed dealer.

“The licensing system is there to ensure the buyer’s rights to a warranty and other consumer guarantees are protected.”

Consumers who want to report a suspicious dealer can email consumer@ or call 1300 304 054.

Anyone who wants to check a dealer’s licence can visit www.consumer|

The website can also provide potential car dealers with information on becoming licensed.