Judge owners, not dogs for bad behaviour

I WANTED to share my story with you that, although not unique, is an incident that comes up time and time again.

I was disheartened that two beautiful staffies were off their leads on Quinns dog beach and attacked our dog for no reason.

What is even more staggering is that after the owners hit and kicked their dogs to try to get them to release, they left without any responsibility or accountability for what had happened.

I wanted to share with people it is not the dogs – this is critical – it is the owners who don’t know how to care for and manage the dog.

Our family pet got bitten all over her body, the worst injuries being on top of the neck and underneath, chest, ribs and hind legs.

I can forgive the dogs, but how can you walk away from causing harm to an animal?

I just wanted to appeal to those owners who know their dogs are not social or trained – it is not OK to have your dog off a lead and it should at least be muzzled.

Don’t judge the dog, but definitely judge the owners.

Vetwest in Clarkson have been so supportive and helpful.

Thank you guys for caring and helping our family pet heal and recover.

Also, thank you to the member of the public who came to my aid and helped me; there really are some amazing people.