Lakeside Joondalup Shopping City: 3m ‘Sponge’ installation unveiled

Architect Fred Cehak and artist Donna Marcus with Sponge.
Architect Fred Cehak and artist Donna Marcus with Sponge.

THERE is a new piece of public art at Lakeside Joondalup Shopping City.

Located in Station Square, the three-metre installation named Sponge is a cast aluminium sphere with convex and concave colander shapes to allow internal lighting and misting.

Artist Donna Marcus said the work drew on Joondalup’s local landmarks and landscape.

“I’ve taken many inspirations from the local context including Lakeside Joondalup’s soft tent-like roofs and hard surfaces, the wild and beautiful coastline, and the orange ball sea sponge that is native to Western Australia, as well as the geometry of golf balls and reference to this local recreation pursuit,” she said.

“I hope that with its direct physical connection to sea sponges and golf balls, Sponge will be a playful and yet familiar addition to this local landscape and frequented public site.”

Lakeside Joondalup centre manager Gemma Hannigan said Lendlease’s brief to Marcus was to create a piece of art that could be enjoyed by children and adults alike.

“We’re delighted with the end result,” she said.

“We think adults will appreciate Donna’s design aesthetic that is inspired by organic and mechanical items, while children will enjoy the form, bright colour, surface and interaction with the water mist.”