Land in east Wanneroo rezoned for future development

Land in east Wanneroo rezoned for future development

EAST Wanneroo – considered one of Perth’s fastest growing residential areas – has had 2206 hectares rezoned to secure land for future development.

The amendment process to rezone the area started in 2007 and has had several false starts.

The land is now zoned urban deferred, paving the way for the progression of a new district structure plan, which will not only focus on the land in the amendment but the locality as a whole.

This will include critical infrastructure such as regional road and rail alignments, water and wastewater provision and environmental considerations.

“This amendment represents an important step toward bringing long-awaited clarity for this expanse of land, whose fragmented ownership has created uncertainty for many,” Planning Minister Rita Saffioti said.

“Close to 450 submissions were received in relation to this amendment, indicating the high level of community interest.

“Finalisation of the amendment provides increased certainty for landowners and for future land developers to invest.”

She said the district structure plan was “well underway” with a community reference group recently established, and that environmental matters would be further considered as part of the ongoing processes.

“I look forward to continuing to work with the City of Wanneroo and the community to achieve well-considered development outcomes for this growing area,” Ms Saffioti said.

It is anticipated a draft copy of the plan will be available for public comment early next year.

UPDATE, October 10: City of Wanneroo welcomes rezoning