Land negotiations follow valuation dispute

In a deputation before the meeting, the owner of 484 Kingsway, James Dickson, said he bought the land in 1986, built his home and continued his hobby as a horse trainer.

‘I would have been quite happy to see out my days there but with urbanisation, my property was made public open space, with the two properties next door to me designated to be a high school,’ Mr Dickson said.

He said in June 2009, the Department of Education bought his neighbouring properties.

In February 2010, Mr Dickson met the City of Wanneroo to find out when negotiations would start for his home property.

‘I can tell you at my age (73), it’s not very nice to be wondering when you can organise your future,’ Mr Dickson said.

He said more than two years later, the city organised an evaluation of his home.

‘I was very upset when they valued my property $160,000 less than the Education Department paid for the two properties right next to me three years before,’ he said. ‘The Real Estate Institute advised that since the time of the purchase of these properties by the Education Department, prices had gone up 3 to 4 per cent ” not down 5 per cent.’

Mr Dickson said he organised an evaluation, which valued the property at $150,000 more than his neighbours were paid.

He said he was willing to accept $10,000 less than what the Department of Education paid for the two neighbouring properties in 2008.

The city will begin negotiations with Mr Dickson and present their findings at a future meeting.