Land rezoned in readiness for sell-off

Revised amendment 57 of the City’s District Planning Scheme 2 aims to rezone a portion of Lot 700 and all of Lot 702 Burlos Court from civic and cultural to residential. It also removes the civic and cultural zoning from Lot 701, designates a portion of the land to public use to accommodate an existing telecommunications tower and rezones the rest as residential, restricted to homes for aged and dependent people.

The land is next to Candlewood Shopping Centre and includes a pedestrian access way to Water Tower Park and Burley Griffin Mews.

At a recent meeting, Cr Brian Corr urged members to vote against the revised amendment.

‘We are selling off some land based on the fact that it’s surplus to our needs,’ he said.

He said the council had made similar decisions before which later had to be reversed.

Mayor Troy Pickard said sale proceeds would go towards the Joondalup performing arts and cultural facility. ‘It also provides a wonderful opportunity to provide aged housing for our seniors population, a particular housing stock we are unfortunately short of in our City,’ he said.