Land use changed

The site at 32 Nottinghill Street is developed with a consulting room (dental practice) and grouped dwelling, with the dental practitioner also living in the dwelling.

The proposal involved converting a lounge room, which formed part of the grouped dwelling, in to a meeting room to be used as part of the consulting room.

Though the additional room will add 14.7sq m to the practice, the room is to be used as a staff room and would not increase the business so a shortfall of two parking bays is not considered an issue given the availability of street parking.

At the council briefing, Mayor Troy Pickard asked what effect losing the lounge room would have on the dwelling.

Planning and community development director Dale Page said it would reduce the size of the dwelling but ‘not render it unliveable’.

‘The changes they’re proposing are not irreversible,’ she said.

Mr Pickard also asked if it was a condition of approval that the doorway from the new meeting room to the dwelling be permanently closed off.

‘I don’t think it’s essential that it needs to be closed given the owner owns both,’ Ms Page said.

Mr Pickard moved an amendment at the meeting to make it a condition, which was unanimously passed.