Landsdale housing proposal sparks concerns from residents

An artist's impression of proposed infill development in Landsdale.
An artist's impression of proposed infill development in Landsdale.

A REPORT about infill development on next week’s Wanneroo Council meeting agenda has Landsdale residents concerned.

It relates to a residential code amendment for seven special residential properties, with the applicant seeking an R40 code that could allow for up to 106 dwellings.

Landsdale residents raised concerns about the higher density during public question time at this week’s council briefing session, referring to a 1300-signature petition submitted last March that objected to the proposal.

Resident John Pellegrini raised concerns about the distance between the development site and nearest shopping centre as well as the number of bus services through the area.

He said they expected a large turnout at the council meeting next Tuesday evening, with residents preferring an R20 code in line with the surrounding area.

A concept plan for the Warradale Terrace infill site allow for 62 houses, if existing homesteads are retained.

Mayor Tracey Roberts said residents could give deputations prior to the meeting and the council would make its decision afterwards.

The recommendation to the council is to approve amending the district planning scheme to rezone the site as residential with a R40 code.

Concept plans by applicant Burgess Design Group show the overall 3.5ha site could allow for up to 106 grouped dwellings, or 62 dwellings if the existing homesteads remain. Six of the seven lots have houses on them, and one is vacant with uncleared vegetation.

Another concept plan for the Warradale Terrace infill site, which could allow for up to 106 houses.

Telstra recommended part of the site along the eastern boundary be rezoned R20 to minimise the effect of radio interference with the Perth International Telecommunications Centre east of Alexander Drive. However, City staff said the risk of radio interference from an extra six homes on the ridge line was not likely to be significant.

“There are approximately 820 dwellings located in Cell 9 east Landsdale development closer to the Telstra site,” the report said. “An additional six dwellings is not likely to significantly impact the radio frequency emissions.”

The council will also consider a report on partial road closures in the area at the March 6 meeting, with staff recommending Kevo Place remain open to vehicles.

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