Latest library artwork is one out of the box

The City of Joondalup commissioned artist Christophe Canato to create the piece after he won the popular choice award at the 2014 Community Invitation Art Award.

The artwork, called Pandora�s Box, was developed as part of a series called Ricochet, which consists of darkly-lit still-life photographs representing subjects brimming with a sense of uncertainty and mystery, in this case evoking the fascination and imagination that lies in a child�s mind.

Pandora�s Box is an image of a young woman in a dark forest in front of a gently lit canopy of leaves, kneeling and holding a box.

The artwork changes throughout the day depending on the light and position of the sun.

In the morning, the scene appears as a very dark landscape, with only the outline visible of the girl in the forest, but as the sun moves to the west, further details of the forest leaves and canopy appear.

At twilight, the billboard begins to glow and the scene is revealed in fine detail. Canato�s piece is the third instalment of artwork for the Inside-Out Billboard.

It will be on display until September. The next artist will be chosen from artists taking part in next month�s Community Art Exhibition.