Leavers face drug charges

Two 17-year-old boys, one from Marangaroo and the other from Landsdale, were charged with cocaine possession in Busselton on Sunday, November 24.

Police allege the Marangaroo boy was also in possession of MDMA with intent to sell or supply.

The local teenagers were among 12 charged with drug offences when police raided their accommodation about 2.30pm.

Then on Thursday, a 17-year-old Padbury boy was charged with giving false particulars in Quindalup, just outside of Dunsborough.

Police questioned the boy following an altercation between two groups of youths near a house on Geographe Bay Road about 1am.

Such charges were a rarity, with police praising the behaviour of partygoers as Leavers 2013 wrapped up on Friday.

Regional WA commander Murray Smalpage said issues were mostly very minor.

‘Unfortunately, ‘toolies’ were the biggest problem and main focus of police, despite being told they were not welcome at the events,’ he said.