Lights brighten Xmas for kids

The Weeks family home in Currambine.
The Weeks family home in Currambine.

Darrell Weeks started decorating the family home last month while wife Paula handcrafted and painted the three elves.

‘People have a good laugh when they come by; they see it (the elf cut-outs) and put the coins in the tin,’ Mr Weeks said.

‘It’s a bit of fun that turned into a worthy cause.’

Mr Weeks ” who described himself as a ‘bit of a softy at Christmas time’ ” said that after taking part in the Relay for Life in October he wanted to continue fundraising.

‘I’ve always wanted to do it for CanTeen, because it’s for kids with cancer and I just think Christmas is about kids and some of these poor kids with cancer might not see another Christmas,’ he said.

The generosity of the community shone as bright as Darrell’s display when he and his family went out one evening and forgot to the put the CanTeen tins out.

‘We were only gone about half an hour so I flew home, got the pot and put it out, and as I was walking back ” I’ve got two plant pots at the front door” there were two fivers wedged in and a couple of coins stacked on the corner.’

After 10 years of hanging Christmas lights, Mr Weeks will not be slowing down.

‘At the end of the day, I’ve put the effort in but it’s paid off so I’m looking forward to next year making it bigger and better,’ he said.