Limits catch on

The department announced this week it had begun discussions with WA’s peak fishing bodies after a three-year study showed concerns for herring numbers.

Club captain Jed Woodcock said the department had made the right decision in the past to reduce tailor numbers and that the club would support similar action on herring if it was necessary.

‘The department has the data and if there’s a reduction, we would support their decision,’ he said.

He said local anglers had noticed an abundance of the fish in some areas, but a noticeable decline in others.

‘Some people can go catch a bag with no trouble, but others have noticed a slight decline from the bigger numbers we used to have,’ Mr Woodcock said. ‘As a club we support what needs to be done to keep catches sustainable.’

Currently, recreational anglers are allowed to take up to 30 herring a day.

It is not yet known if a catch limit reduction is necessary, but the department’s Tim Nicholas said it would ‘work through the science and formulate management responses to aid the recovery of herring stocks’.

Have your say about the issue. Have you noticed a reduction in herring numbers? And if there was a catch limit, what should that be ” 15 or another number?