Listening for sharks

While acoustic monitoring is widely used for studying the movements of aquatic animals, it is now being trialled to increase shark detection.

The system deployed at Mullaloo will be able to incorporate direct radio links to beach-mounted siren units and is connected to the internet.

‘The club is looking to provide safe swimming for its members and the community by applying innovation and technology in practical ways while applying the highest levels of scientific testing and validation,’ Mullaloo SLSC president Carlo Tenaglia said.

‘Investigation into the speed and accuracy of alerts and the subsequent communications will be aimed at delivering the quickest and most effective responses via co-ordinating agencies and to the public.’

He said the trial would provide information for systems that could potentially be implemented along all Australian beaches and internationally.

The shark monitoring is being conducted in partnership with oceanographic company RPS MetOcean and Curtin University’s Centre for Marine Science and Technology.

Mullaloo SLSC is also trialling sonar technology and is looking into rip detectors and enhanced electro optical devices that can be used for research and detection purposes.