Lottery house win for French and Saunders

MS Society WA chief Marcus Stafford with the winners.
MS Society WA chief Marcus Stafford with the winners.

David French, of North Beach, who did not have a job at the time of buying five tickets, leaving his girlfriend Jenna Saunders less than happy, said he could not believe he had won first prize.

‘I was gobsmacked, literally I was speechless,’ he said.

‘As it turned out, it was the fifth ticket that won us the house, so I think I’m in the good books now.’

And the timing could not be better because since returning from London last year, the couple had been living with Ms Saunders’ parents and the night before they won the house, they were bidding on a home of their own.

‘We were pretty disappointed when we were outbid on this home we wanted to buy, but I turned to Jenna and said, don’t worry we’re going to win the house in the lottery tomorrow,’ Mr French said.

Mr French said he bought the tickets because his dad was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis 25 years ago and he wanted to support the MS Society of Western Australia.