Mad Mex Big Burrito Challenge puts Mexican food lovers’ appetites to test with 1kg burrito

The Big Burrito Challenge is on again.
The Big Burrito Challenge is on again.

MEXICAN food lovers can put their appetites to the test with this year’s Big Burrito Challenge.

The challenge, taking place at Mad Mex outlets including Joondalup and Hillarys until June 5, asks participants to defeat a 1kg burrito in one sitting.

If successful, diners will receive a Mexican wrestling mask.

Released in stages across the five-week campaign, there will be four different animal themed masks to collect.

The challenge was created in honour of Cinco de Mayo, the Mexican holiday that commemorates the 1862 battle on the hills of Puebla, where the Mexican army took on an unexpected French assault.

Top tips for tackling the 1kg burrito:

1. Mental preparation is key – listen to motivational music like Eye of the Tiger by Survivor.

2. In preparation, keep liquid intake to a minimum.

3. Nominate a mate to take the challenge with you.

4. Don’t unwrap the whole burrito – the foil keeps it rolled tight.

5. Keep momentum with steady bite-to-chew ratio.

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