Main Roads to leave Wanneroo Road-Joondalup Drive gazebo after community objects to removal

Main Roads says a gazebo in Tapping will remain after residents objected to its removal. Photo: Martin Kennealey
Main Roads says a gazebo in Tapping will remain after residents objected to its removal. Photo: Martin Kennealey

MAIN Roads has confirmed a gazebo overlooking the Wanneroo Road-Joondalup Drive intersection will not be removed after residents raised concerns this week.

John Shattock told the Times community representatives were told on Monday, December 10 that an “iconic” gazebo for the Carramar Golf Estate might be removed for a drainage sump as part of the interchange project.

Tapping resident Barry McEloney said he was not happy when Main Roads suggested the removal at the construction reference group meeting on December 10.

“I told Main Roads that it has been hard enough for the community of Tapping and Carramar to deal with all the disruption that the unnecessary overpass will cause,” he said.

John Shattock (Carramar) and Barry McEloney (Tapping). Photo: Martin Kennealey

“Now it is suggested that we may have to have a drainage area in our park and the removal of the building to accommodate them – I told them under no circumstances will I be happy with this as it was not made clear at the outset.”

However, in a response to the Times, Main Roads project director Chris Raykos said the gazebo would not be moved or demolished as part of the project.

Mr Raykos said the drainage design had run-off directed to an existing drainage basin on the north-east corner, but a clash in the design with underground services prompted them to look at the south-east corner as an alternative site.

“The area where the gazebo is located was considered as an alternative drainage site using underground storage tanks,” he said.

Completion of work to widen Wanneroo Road has been delayed to February, and work is starting on the Wanneroo Road-Joondalup Drive interchange.

“The construction reference group (CRG) was consulted about this alternative drainage design.

“Following the CRG’s input on December 10, it has been decided that the current drainage design will be adopted and the gazebo will be retained.”

Mr Shattock said residents were also “appalled” by the prospect that trees in the park near the shared path would also be cut down.

“It looks like we will have to take the trees down, which is what people are most upset about,” he said.

The Carramar resident said an online poll in the Carramar, Ashby and Tapping Community Facebook group showed about nine out of 10 members who responded voted for the gazebo and trees to stay.

Mr Raykos said a small number of mature trees and grass trees in the road reserve adjacent to Joondalup Drive might need to be removed so the roadworks, including new shared paths, can be constructed.

“Clearing will be minimised as much as possible,” he said.

“The extent of clearing has not changed from earlier iterations of the design, however, Main Roads will consider planting additional trees in the south-east quadrant of the interchange.

“Transplanting of these trees and grass trees will be considered and implemented where possible and practical (but) transplanting large native trees can be difficult and costly.”

Mr Raykos said Western Power would soon start relocating a section of its overhead power lines to go underground and the project was due to finish in early 2020.

Main Roads has revised the completion date for the nearby Wanneroo Road widening project, which Mr Raykos said was now due to finish in February 2019.

“Significant wet weather during the winter months delayed the progress of some of the works,” he said.

Mr Raykos said the right-turn in connections at the Carramar Road and Golf Links Drive junctions would be provided in February.