Major recreation upgrades in budget

Houghton Park will receive $209,000 of that with the City also carrying forward $9000 for the investigation and design of floodlighting, including a $3000 State Government grant, allocating $180,000 for the installation of the floodlights, including a $71,000 gran tand listing $20,000 for a new path from Atley Pass to the park.

Staunton Park is the other listed for funding, with $21,000 set aside for installation of shade sail and planting of trees.

Also, $156,000 has been carried forward from 2012-13 for upgrades to the Carramar Golf Course and the City has allocated an additional $125,000 in new funding.

And also carried forward was $85,000 for the construction of a second carriageway on Joondalup Drive, between St Stephens Crescent and Tumbleweed Drive, and $320,000 in new funding for upgrades to Golf Links Drive.