Marina public consultation nears

PUBLIC consultation on the four approvals processes currently being carried out for the Ocean Reef Marina redevelopment is expected to occur later this year.

The required metropolitan regional scheme amendment was initiated in April 2014 through the WA Planning Commission.

The City of Joondalup is preparing its amendment to the district planning scheme and a structure plan and the environmental approval process has started through the Environmental Protection Authority with the project’s level of assessment set in June 2014.

‘All four approvals processes require public consultation,’ Ocean Reef MLA Albert Jacob said.

‘In order to speed up the assessment process, all parties have agreed to conduct the four rounds of public consultation concurrently, which is expected to occur later this year.

‘While I can understand community frustration with the time that the process takes, I am encouraged by the level of co-operation between agencies and the progress to date when compared to other projects of a similar scale.’

He would also ‘welcome a Federal Government financial contribution to completing this approval process’.

Mr Jacob met with Moore MHR Ian Goodenough in Canberra two days after the Times reported Mr Goodenough’s call for greater private sector involvement to drive the marina development. Mr Goodenough said Mr Jacob lobbied for $500,000 Federal funding to match the similar amount the City was contributing to complete the approvals process for the marina.

‘The request has merit and will yield long-term gains in economic development and taxation revenue,’ Mr Goodenough said.

He said he then met with a staff member from the Treasurer’s office who ‘undertook to investigate the most appropriate funding streams,’ he said.

‘He asked for a formal request for funding from local government. I have since corresponded with Mayor Troy Pickard who responded that he would write in relation to the request for a grant from the Federal Government.

‘Once received, I will make representations to the Treasurer in support of the request.’