Markets landowners want lots rezoned

Lot 5 Prindiville Drive and lots 897 and 898 Irwin Road are currently zoned business and lots 4 and 888 Prindiville Drive are zoned commercial and business and commercial with an additional use of markets.

The amendment proposes to increase the maximum retail floor space of Lot 5 from 1477sq m to 1500sq m and Lot 888 from 2287sq m to 2500sq m ” a total of 236sq m.

A Retail Needs Assessment found this increase in floor space could be justified with the increasing population in the area.

At a council briefing, planning and sustainability director Len Kosova said the proposal would provide for an expansion of the commercial-type activities that already occur on some of the properties in that area.

Wanneroo councillors have voted to prepare the amendment and forward it to the Environmental Protection Authority.

If there are no objections, it will be advertised for public comment with the subsequent new draft Centre Structure Plan.