Massage parlour rubs City wrong way

A screen shot of a site advertising Smile Massage.
A screen shot of a site advertising Smile Massage.

Wanneroo City Council refused an application by Smile Massage for a proposed massage premises in the Wangara service industrial zone as it was not a permitted use.

During a deputation to the council meeting on March 3, Joe Markey, speaking on behalf of owner Assunta Abbonizio, said City staff had said in November there would be ‘no problem’ approving the application.

Mr Markey said the owner was later ‘confused’ when told the council may not grant approval.

Councillor Hugh Nguyen asked Mr Markey if he had proof of conversations with City staff that said the business would be approved.

Mr Markey said Mrs Abbonizio’s husband could not access the email from the minesite where he currently worked.

Cr Dot Newton said she had ‘looked at the website’ and ‘saw little of normal remedial massage’.

‘The website doesn’t give you the impression they’re talking about normal massage,’ she said.

Mr Markey said he knew the business was trying to set up a website but had not seen it before the meeting.

He told the Times Smile Massage was a ‘small legitimate business’ looking to offer ‘quality and professional service’ and a revealing photo of a woman on the website had been ‘misinterpreted’.

‘I do think the chosen picture is showing too much cleavage,’ Mr Markey said.

‘If I had have known I would have identified it as a problem’