Meet Rhodey, the dog who swims with dolphins

The dolphins seem to take care of Rhodey.        Picture: Jarvis Eyes
The dolphins seem to take care of Rhodey.        Picture: Jarvis Eyes

LUCK put Weekender deputy editor Lucy Jarvis in the right place at the right time to capture photos of playful swimmers during a Mandurah visit recently.

The public reaction to last week’s report about a dog swimming with dolphins in the Dawesville Cut has helped communitynews.| track down the dog’s owner.

Seen swimming out to a pod of dolphins feeding on mullet on August 26, the crossbreed dog has been identified as seven-year-old Wannanup local Rhodey.

His owner Noeline, who asked not to have her surname published, said he had been swimming with dolphins for about six years, almost daily.

She adopted Rhodey when he was a year old and said he was terrified of water back then.

“There was another dog on the street called Arnie – a big old black Labrador – that swam with dolphins,” she said.

“I thought ‘that’s lovely, I would like my dog to do that’; I encouraged him to go in there.

“He hadn’t seen water; he was terrified – I kept encouraging him and he got used to it.

“When I first let him start swimming with the dolphins, I would be worried sick that he wouldn’t come in or tire himself out and drown.

“A couple of times those dolphins herded him up and brought him back right to my feet.

“They certainly look after him; I think they knew that I was fretting about him.

“He certainly can stay out there for half an hour or more with them.

“I think they take the mickey out of him and they muck him around.”

While the dolphins take care of Rhodey, Noeline said he had had a couple of less friendly encounters with other species, including a kangaroo and a walrus, that resulted in vet visits.

“I just hope he doesn’t meet a white pointer,” she said.