Moving mountains for cause

(Top) On the Moonstone Trail.
(Top) On the Moonstone Trail.

The group recently returned from Peru where they spent 10 days climbing the Moonstone Trail to begin their fundraiser for the charity.

A northern suburbs resident for more than 17 years, Mr Urquhart said he was a big believer in Young Care’s cause to get young people out of aged care facilities.

‘There are seven and a half thousand young Australians who need full-time care living in aged care around the country,’ he said

‘It’s something I am aware of and personally don’t think it’s acceptable in a country like Australia.’

A fundraiser organised by his sister at The Northshore Tavern raised $2500 and helped surpass his $16,000 personal target for Young Care.

‘It’s family and friends that give you the ability to go out and do it ” I’m ok to do the trek but not fundraising, that’s thanks to them,’ Mr Urquhart said.

The Mt Kilimanjaro trek is planned for late 2014/early 2015.