MP’s heartfelt plea for road safety funds

Hillarys MLA Rob Johnson.
Hillarys MLA Rob Johnson.

He made the call this week after releasing a story he wrote two years ago about his daughter, Susi; a story about a car crash on Whitfords Avenue a decade ago that he still finds too hard to talk about.

Mr Johnson said the Government had nearly $90 million in its Road Trauma Trust Account ‘sitting there doing nothing’.

‘Meanwhile, people are losing their lives or being critically injured,’ he said.

‘There’s the financial cost of the trauma, but the emotional cost is enormous.

‘When you read my story you’ll see.’

Mr Johnson said the Road Safety Council had recommended the Government spend $125 million this year on safety initiatives instead of the $75 million it decided.

He said ‘millions of miles’ of country roads could be made safer by widening them by another metre and introducing rumble strips.

‘If you are falling asleep or tired and you drift on to the rumble strip, it wakes you up immediately,’ he said.

Road Safety Minister Liza Harvey said the Government would this financial year spend a record $100 million from the Road Trauma Trust Account on road safety initiatives.

‘It’s a lot of money and we want to spend it prudently to improve road safety in the long run,’ she said.

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