Name change still on agenda

Cr Geoff Amphlett asked if it would be discussed at the club’s upcoming annual general meeting.

‘There is no doubt that the name will be changed at some point in the future,’ West Perth chief executive David Crute said. He said a name change should coincide with the opening of the new clubrooms after the Arena Joondalup redevelopment.

‘The reason why I say it needs to happen relatively soon ” 18 months, two years, three years is soon when you’re talking about a 129-year history ” is if I do my job right, our club will be run by the English, South Africans and Kiwis in 10 years time,’ Mr Crute said.

‘You can bet they will not be called the West Perth Football Club at that time. They will not have an understanding of the history and tradition of West Perth Football Club.

‘It might be that the West Perth Football Club now sits on the back of the jumper but it’s called the Joondalup Falcons. Whether it’s called that, I can’t say, but my commitment to you is that I will facilitate that process ” that could be 10 years away.’

He said only members could vote to change the club’s name and ‘I cannot force them to change’.

‘People know that we need to change our name, it’s just convincing some of our older members,’ he said.

‘Ten years ago, about 35 per cent of our members lived north of Warwick Road. This year, already, we’ve seen it getting closer to 70, so our members are moving north.’