Navigating the drug minefield

Navigating the drug minefield

THE community is invited to hear an inspiring speaker at the Ladies High Tea at Joondalup Resort next month.

Jade Lewis, who has motivated thousands of people since turning her life around after drugs ruined a promising athletics career, will be guest speaker at the Joondalup Business Association event on Friday, July 3.

Held in conjunction with human resource services company Jolin Consulting, Ms Lewis will talk about five strategies for stepping through the “drug and alcohol minefield”:

Connect – Creating a good parent-teenager relationship.

Prevent – Talking with teenagers about drugs and alcohol.

Intervene – What if my teenager is using drugs and alcohol?

Treat – What if my teenager keeps using?

Transition – Staying clean after treatment.

She will also talk about understanding teenagers, being a positive role model, teaching young people they have the right to say ‘no’, why teenagers use drugs and teaching them about responsibility. To book tickets or for more information, visit or call 9300 1414.