New option for fragile bones

Prolia ” currently available on the PBS for postmenopausal women ” is a twice a year injection providing a more convenient treatment method for patients.

North Metropolitan Health Service clinical professor Charles Inderjeeth said a recent survey showed osteoporosis was often unrecognised in men.

‘Over 90 per cent of those surveyed agreed osteoporosis is a serious condition but only about 2 per cent were more concerned about osteoporosis compared to other chronic diseases,’ he said.

‘More men are likely to have an osteoporosis-related event each year than heart attack, but osteoporosis is often neglected because it is what we call a ‘silent condition’.’

According to Osteoporosis Australia and the Australian Bureau of Statistics, about a fifth of the 1.2 million Australians affected are men.

‘The advantage of treating osteoporosis is it reduces the risk of further fractures and reduces their morbidity ” meaning their disability and dependence on care, the need for residential care, for support and services,’ Dr Inderjeeth said.

‘So in terms of well-men’s health, as well as those who have a high risk, we would recommend they see their general practitioner and as part of that assessment include a discussion about their osteoporosis risk and put in strategies to prevent it occurring.’