New rules for dogs too

Under the Act, the City of Wanneroo cannot release impounded dogs unless they are microchipped and in the situation of a restricted dog breed, sterilised.

The council report said the City would recover these costs from owners at a fee of $50 for microchipping and between $120 and $150 for sterilisation.

At last week’s council briefing, councillor Dianne Guise asked if the City would be left with the cost of the microchipping if the dog was not claimed.

‘I’m concerned about what we’re going to do if we get these dogs, all these fees rack up, and no-one’s going to claim them,’ Cr Guise said.

‘Do we have a view about what we’re going to do with them other than euthanise them and suck up the expenses?’

Planning and sustainability director Len Kosova said if not claimed, dogs would either be put down at a cost of $15 to the City or transferred to the RSPCA management facility and become the obligation of that operator. He said he would confirm the options and update the report.