New speed limit sought

City administration recommended councillors not proceed with the part closure, agreeing with public responses, which claimed the change would be inconvenient and cause congestion.

Councillor Dot Newton moved an amendment to the report requesting the speed reduction on Ocean Reef Road between Wanneroo and Lenore roads from 80km /h to 70km/h.

Cr Denis Hayden voted against the amendment, claiming the reduction was unnecessary because there were no houses on that stretch of road.

Cr Newton said residential and industrial areas warranted the change.

‘No, there aren’t any houses but what there is, is an entry into an estate on one side which is residential ” the bus companies have huge problems trying to get the bus in and out of there,’ she said.

‘And on the other side of the road where Brady Street is, is the industrial area.’

Eighty of the 95 public responses received on the issue did not support the closure of right-hand movements from Brady Street.