No parking

The bollards along the Ocean Reef Road verge will also prevent the use of headlights to illuminate the skate park after dark.

A Joondalup City Council document stated the verge between the skate park and the road was ‘very deep as it encompasses the majority of what will become the second carriageway eastbound when Ocean Reef Road is upgraded’.

It said this had caused a temporary car park to form on the verge and people were ignoring the no-parking sign.

‘I realise some of the young skaters will not be happy with this addition to the park but I think in the long term it will be beneficial to the skaters,’ Cr Philippa Taylor said at the September 24 meeting.

‘It will be one less thing for the residents of the houses abutting the park to complain about, so it should be one step closer to the residents accepting the skate park.’

Mayor Troy Pickard also requested car parking be incorporated in the design for dualling Ocean Reef Road because the existing car park will need to be removed when the road is widened.