No room for bike lanes on Marmion Avenue

During a progress review of the City’s Bike Plan 2009-2015, it was found three projects could no longer continue because of site restrictions.

New shared paths on the western side of Marmion Avenue from Webb Place to Flinders Avenue and from Whitfords Avenue to Monkhouse Way were also removed.

At last month’s meeting, Cr Mike Norman, who is a member of the Bicycle Transport Alliance which is advocating for improved bicycle facilities, asked the City to continue liaising with Main Roads WA to encourage the widening of Marmion Avenue to create on-road cycle lanes.

‘Road cyclists, the faster cyclists who shouldn’t be using shared paths if they’re riding at that speed, prefer to use marked cycle lanes on the road,’ he said.

Mayor Troy Pickard asked another report be prepared about appropriate signage standards for the City’s bicycle and pedestrian routes.

A major bike plan review is also scheduled for 2014-15 to bring it in line with the State’s 2012-2021 plan.