Not enough time to read marina report – councillor

‘This is just unfair to expect in three or four days to read what ended up being about 900 pages,’ he said.

‘I can’t and I will not accept any more items at such short notice, no matter what it is.

‘Vote against this, let it come up at the next meeting.’

Chief executive Garry Hunt said most of the information in the report had previously been made available to the council.

‘The intent of bringing this to council was to allow this information to be in the public arena, and to assist the community to understand just how extensive the analysis and consultants’ work has been on what is a very very large project.

‘While I accept the right of people to criticise the timing of it, there is also constant criticism of how long it takes this project to progress. I’m damned if I do, and I’m damned if I don’t.’

Mayor Troy Pickard said Cr Corr had voted against the adoption of Ocean Reef Marina concept 7.2.

‘I think what exposes this type of conduct is when the majority of questions he asked of the chief executive in a series of emails in relation to this item, had previously been reported to this council,’ he said.

‘Now either Cr Corr is not reading his agendas, or there’s some other intent behind his questions.’

Cr Corr interjected, requesting the mayor withdraw the statement, to which Mr Pickard refused.

‘Excuse me Mr Mayor, you need to withdraw that statement, that’s defamatory,’ Cr Corr said.

To which Mr Pickard responded ‘I don’t think that’s defamatory; if you do, feel free to take the appropriate action.’