Ocean Reef Marina: City of Joondalup to seek funding commitments

One of the artist’s impressions put forward in recent years for the Ocean Reef Marina.
One of the artist’s impressions put forward in recent years for the Ocean Reef Marina.

THE City of Joondalup is calling on the main political parties to commit to funding its key projects in the lead-up to July’s Federal election.

They include Ocean Reef Marina, the Joondalup city centre development in Boas Avenue and the proposed Joondalup performing arts centre.

Mayor Troy Pickard said the projects met the ultimate Smart Cities objective of generating jobs and stimulating economic growth for Perth’s north-west region.

“The marina development will create substantial economic benefit to both the local and wider Perth community, generating an estimated 5000 direct jobs during the construction phase, and a further 1000 direct and indirect jobs are expected once the project is completed,” he said.

“The development of Boas Place will ultimately accommodate approximately 1400 workers, and the total benefit, including the flow-on impacts, to the Joondalup economy will be 2900 jobs.

“Of these jobs over 1800, or more than 60 per cent, will be filled by City residents.

“This will have a significant positive impact on the wider Perth metropolitan transport system by improving the employment self-sufficiency of the region, which supports the WA Government’s focus on promoting strategic employment opportunities to encourage people to work where they live.

“The total ongoing impact of the entire Boas Place development is potentially $648 million in additional output and a total of 3165 jobs added to the Australian economy.

“The Joondalup Performing Arts and Cultural Facility is expected to provide a total benefit of $208 million to the Australian economy through both direct and indirect construction activities.

“The facility is also expected to attract 100,000 visitors annually and support a total of 71 jobs on an ongoing basis.”

The mayor said the City was well advanced in implementing its economic development and digital strategies, which were consistent with the Smart Cities Plan, and well placed to deliver on developing skills in science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM), consistent with the National Innovation and Science Agenda.

“Joondalup is already well positioned as a major driver of economic growth and a primary hub for knowledge and technology based activity, with major health, education, business and retail precincts,” he said.

“With a unique Learning Precinct, incorporating a five-star rated university with world-class research institutes and facilities, a premier large training provider and a police academy, along with retail and business opportunities with excellent public transport access, Joondalup has a competitive advantage to other metropolitan centres.

“However, the arts need to be included to give balance to the economy moving from STEM to STEAM, as has been done successfully in other innovation-led economies, such as Israel.

“The development of the Joondalup Performing Arts and Cultural Facility will go a long way to achieving this goal.”

The City’s commitment was evident to achieve prosperity and ensure the future opportunities remained endless, he said.