Online campaign to find stolen puppy grows to 6000 members

Trent Cleal with his beloved pup, Yogi.
Trent Cleal with his beloved pup, Yogi.

Yogi, a great dane, mastiff and bull arab cross, was almost 10 weeks old when he disappeared from the airconditioned truck at 3pm on Friday, March 6, breaking owner Trent Cleal�s heart and touching many more.

It sparked a mass search for the dog, with family, friends and strangers all wanting Yogi returned.

�I parked up in the turning lane on the corner of Ocean Reef and Motivation Drive, I had a truck with two trailers on, and walked across to the lunch bar by the Caltex,� Mr Cleal, of Quairading, said.

�When I�ve come back, the passenger door to the truck�s been opened and he was gone. It was a mixture of disbelief and heartbreak.

�Not trying to milk it but a very good mate of mine was on life support and the day I had to say goodbye was the day I went and got Yogi.

�It was a bit emotional; it still is.�

Mr Cleal said the only way someone would have seen Yogi was from the footpath as he would not have been visible in the truck from the road.

�He�d have been standing on the passenger�s seat with his paws up on the windowsill,� he said.

In a bid to find Yogi, he has contacted the police, the RSPCA, local pounds, offered a reward, and created a Facebook page �Yogi is missing� to track down his �buddy�.

�Everyone is pretty much exhausting every avenue they can and every time we see a dog that has the slightest colour of him, we stop and look,� he said. �We�ve had about four or five (helpful tips), unfortunately they were dead leads but the one you don�t chase is the one that will be him.�

Mr Cleal said the support he had received was �amazing�.

�It�s certainly renewed my faith in people,� he said.

Anyone with information can call Wanneroo police on 9406 2222 or Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.