Paid parking an option

VenuesWest, a State Government agency, has hired a consultant to look into parking fees at Arena Joondalup and four of its other sport and recreation facilities: Challenge Stadium, the WA Athletics Stadium, the WA Rugby Centre and the WA State Basketball Centre.

‘Recently the VenuesWest board has approved consultancy services to conduct a review and make recommendations regarding paid parking at various VenuesWest sites,’ chairman Graham Partridge said. ‘We’re looking to find the most efficient way of managing large volumes of cars into venues and improving traffic flows during peak demand.’

Mr Partridge said VenuesWest was looking to improve parking at its facilities following feedback.

‘We also need to consider that venue parking is for venue users and look to how we charge non-users to ensure there is adequate parking for all our customers,’ he said.

He said while parking fees were often implemented for events, they were not a significant source of revenue.

‘Most of it covers the costs of parking infrastructure, such as additional lighting and street signage, and the staff who operate the car park,’ he said.

Opposition sport and recreation spokesman Peter Watson said the plan was a ‘desperate cash grab that would hurt already struggling families’ and would ‘adversely impact on sporting and community groups’.