Paid parking fee will ‘upset’ people

The State Government expects to raise several million dollars from full paid parking in the first year.

North Metropolitan MLC and Opposition Transport spokesman Ken Travers said the Government had said during the election campaign its public transport plans were fully funded and costed.

He said it was now imposing paid parking and people would be upset.

Curtin University transport researcher Jemma Green said charging for parking at Perth train stations may not be such a bad thing.

She said it could be a positive step toward reducing the attractiveness of driving to train stations for commuters.

Fewer train station car parks in the future would result in more foot traffic around transit hubs and release space for retail and commercial offerings.

She said such change needed to be underpinned by frequent and rapid transit buses to get people to stations.

The Opposition also criticised the increase of public transport fares by 20 per cent over four years.