Panel accepts amendments

ECU Joondalup.
ECU Joondalup.

The $11 million development, currently under construction, is on the eastern edge of the university campus, bounded by Lakeside Drive and Chancellor Pass.

The proposed modifications include moving the carpark on Chancellor Pass 12m east because of conflict with a bus stop, moving the bin store and converting half into a pump room, adding a portable water tank and pool pump, modifying the kitchen, ground floor first aid area and level four common area and reducing the size of the clothes drying area to add a bathroom.

Joondalup councillor Mike Norman asked if the smaller clothes drying area would be adequate ‘given it’s a six-storey building and students would be utilising natural drying areas’.

Urbis associate director Tim Dawkins said he believed so.

‘The applicant will be paying the power bills, so it’s in their best interest,’ he said.

The modifications were approved subject to the pool pump and water tank being screened so they would not be visible from Lakeside Drive.

The applicant was also told any modifications to the bus stop on Chancellor Pass would need to be in line with the Public Transport Authority’s requirements.