Petition wins first step for residents

The response from Meneghello Galvanising Industries comes after a 330-signature petition, tabled at the March Wanneroo Council meeting, accused various local businesses of ‘excessively loud noise late at night and early morning’.

At last week’s council briefing, City businesses director Chris Morrison said noise meters installed in the neighbouring Darch area had recorded ‘borderline acceptable’ but compliant noise levels, with no evidence of noise outside the hours of 7am to 7pm.

‘From our perspective, there’s nothing we can do legally,’ he said.

A council report for tonight’s meeting recommends administration meet Meneghello’s management to come to a ‘possible agreement regarding their opening hours and methods of reducing noise and chemical emissions’.

Mr Morrison said this would be an informal ‘gentlemen’s agreement’.

Meneghello group general manager Barry Bebb told the Times on Friday he was aware of recent complaints and said he had instructed workers to reduce noise to help solve the problem.

‘We’re always there to work with the City, the Environmental Protection Authority and the people,’ he said.

‘We don’t want to upset people and we do try to do anything we can to do the right thing.’

Mr Bebb said it had been several years since the last complaints.