Pharmacy vote tonight

The Drovers Place precinct. d426071
The Drovers Place precinct. d426071

Acting Wanneroo planning director Mark Dickson said at a council briefing last week that a medical centre was not a specialised or ‘niche’ business.

‘Administration is not supporting the amendment as it is contrary to the statement of intent in the agreed structure plan,’ he said.

‘The current statement is to provide for niche business and cultural uses that would benefit from the high exposure on Wanneroo Road.’

Mr Dickson said a second amendment proposal included modifications to the statement of intent making ‘medical centre’ and ‘pharmacy’ accepted uses but would not be presented to the council until October.

He said the council could choose to defer the first amendment to be considered with the second amendment at next month’s council meeting.

During public consultation, the City received two submissions against the amendment proposal and two in support. Cr Bob Smithson asked Mr Dickson if the council was ‘in danger’ of incurring extra costs by ‘restricting the definition of ‘niche”.

‘If council decides against the amendment’