Plague of abandoned cats as cat laws yet to bite with community

Plague of abandoned cats as cat laws yet to bite with community

Ms Osborne, who is already a dog owner and confessed animal lover, said she had nowhere else to turn when she contacted the Times last Wednesday.

‘I have contacted the RSPCA and the Cat Haven but they are unable to help me due to the large number of abandoned cats they are having to deal with at the moment,’ she wrote.

‘I contacted my local rangers, who also claimed they were unable to help unless I could contain them.’

The Times appealed to the Facebook community, who responded with suggestions and referrals, leading to Andrea Marzi of Express Wildlife Rescue calling in to help.

The wildlife carer was able to catch the mother cat but not her three kittens.

Ms Marzi said although the new cat laws would be good for the future, they had not helped the rise in abandoned cats this year, as people had not prepared themselves for the changes.

‘I’ve been handed so many cats and kittens that have just been born and owners won’t pay the registration and sterilisation fees, which have to be done before they’re sold,’ Ms Marzi said.

‘There are also so many rules now ” rentals are getting stricter, people are not even allowed cats these days, people move and can’t take them with them.’