Plans for eco smart future

The plan will be used to implement environmental management initiatives and provide strategic responses to environmental issues affecting the City.

The five themes addressed in the plan are biodiversity management, water management, climate change mitigation, waste management and community involvement. The plan includes 31 projects to be implemented in the next five years to reduce environmental threats.

‘This plan will also ensure the City’s operations are delivered in an environmentally sustainable manner and measures are taken to influence positive environmental behaviours in the community,’ Mayor Troy Pickard said.

At the meeting, Cr John Chester commended City officers for including ‘extra commentary in the plan on dealing with hazardous household waste particularly in making it known in the document residents can dispose of these hazardous items at Mindarie Regional Council’s Tamala Park recycling centre.’

Cr Mike Norman agreed.

‘Household hazardous waste is only a small percentage of the waste stream, but unfortunately has long-term consequences if it gets into landfill,’ he said.

‘I would hope to see maybe some further progress on dealing with household hazardous waste because I believe most residents are still disposing of household hazardous waste in their rubbish bins and not taking it down to Tamala Park, so I think that needs to be looked at.’ 

– Household hazardous waste includes poisons, solvents, pesticides and herbicides, pool, garden and cleaning chemicals, aerosols, compact fluorescent lamps and fluorescent tubes, paints, gas bottles, flammable liquids, fire extinguishers, smoke detectors, flares, engine coolant, brake and transmission fluid and batteries.
– Household hazardous waste products have the potential to harm people and the environment and should not be disposed of in normal household wheelie or recycling bins.
– Residents can dispose of household hazardous waste items at Mindarie Regional Council’s Tamala Park recycling centre.
– The centre accepts a maximum of 20 litres or 20kg of household hazardous waste items per day for free.
– Containers must be labelled and sealed.