Plumber fined for unsupervised work

Last month, the State Administrative Tribunal fined Beckenham tradesman Stephen William Jacobs $800 and required he pay $400 costs for performing work without the supervision of a licensed contractor.

While Jacobs held a plumbing tradesperson�s licence, anyone who undertakes plumbing work must also hold a plumbing contractor�s licence or have the supervision of a tradesperson who does.

The Plumbing Licensing Board invited Jacobs, who said he had retired from the industry, to relinquish his tradesperson�s licence.

He planned to do so at the end of the financial year.

Board chair Howard Croxon said Jacobs was irresponsible for performing the work outside of the control of a licensed contractor.

�If plumbing work is done incorrectly it can result in the failure of plumbing equipment or systems, which can compromise public health and safety and result in property damage, disease, injury or even death,� he said.