Police detain man after truck rams into police car

The aftermath of the
incident. Picture: WA Police
The aftermath of the incident. Picture: WA Police

Acting Senior Sergeant Gary Walker, of the North West Metro Traffic Enforcement Group, said he and another officer had stopped the 59-year-old man’s work truck on Wanneroo Road and issued a $200 speeding fine at about 6.35am.

The officers also issued a yellow sticker to the vehicle, deeming it unsafe.

“He took offence to that and reversed into our car a couple of times,” Sgt Walker said.

He said the officers detained the accused immediately, charging him with criminal damage and two counts of assaulting a public officer.

Sgt Walker described the damage to the car as “quite extensive” but said he and the other officer were OK.

“We’re not too bad, but this sort of thing (whiplash) can take a couple of days,” he said.

It was the first time Sgt Walker had experienced such a reaction to a speeding fine.

“I’ve been rammed in pursuits and things like that but not for a speeding fine,” he said.