Power pole deemed safe despite termite damage

The power pole on Clabon Street. PIctures: Daniel McAloon
The power pole on Clabon Street. PIctures: Daniel McAloon

WESTERN Power says this power pole is “fit for purpose” after a resident raised concerns about termite damage.

Girrawheen resident Daniel McAloon said he contacted the utility twice this month with concerns about the pole on Clabon Street near the Clover Square corner.

“It is evidently damaged and needs replacing, and the tree shade is promoting termite growth and decay,” he said.

“The tree needs to be removed.”

A Western Power spokesman told Community News the utility’s records indicated the pole was “fit for purpose”.

“Western Power conducts a holistic pole inspection and maintenance program that uses physical and visual inspections to make sure that poles and other support infrastructure are fit for purpose,” he said.

Western Power treated the Clabon Street power pole for termites on August 20.

“The pole on Clabon Street has been visited twice this year – once on March 31 following a report of a fault on the pole and then again on August 19 following a call from a local resident that he believed that there was evidence of termite damage.

“We have applied a termite treatment to the pole and will be conducting another physical inspection later this year to check that the pole is still sound and fit for purpose.

“We always appreciate calls from residents regarding any concern they may have about a pole.

“Although we do have a thorough inspection process in place there are, however, environmental factors such as termite activity and extreme weather as well as vehicle impacts that can affect a pole between our regular inspections.”

Another power pole on Clover Square, across the road from the damaged pole.