Prime Movers instructor steps up exercise classes in Girrawheen, Inglewood

The Girrawheen Prime Movers Group. Pictures: Martin Kennealey
The Girrawheen Prime Movers Group. Pictures: Martin Kennealey

PRIME Movers instructor Yongle Le Map has started fitness classes for people aged over 50 in Inglewood and Girrawheen.

Mrs Le Map has been an instructor for three years and said the low-impact movement was set to music.

“It’s a sort of dance – the steps are coordinated to the music,” she said.

Mrs Le Map said it was important people kept moving and the classes were structured with warm-up, stretch, cardiovascular, muscle strength and endurance, and relaxation movements.

Sherry Smith and Cynthia Michael. Picture: Martin Kennealey

The hour-long classes start at 9.30am in the Laguna Veneto Bocce Club in Inglewood on Mondays and at the Hainsworth Centre in Girrawheen on Wednesdays.

The Trigg resident also runs classes in Warwick on Fridays from 10.15am.

Call 0400 110 320 for more information or visit

Instructor Yongle Le Map with Maria Murphy. Picture: Martin Kennealey