Rejection for restriction

In December, a report was requested on the possibility of developing a policy to restrict councillors to a maximum of four consecutive years on a regional council.

Two councillors represent the City on both the Mindarie and Tamala Park regional councils.

Representatives are nominated every two years following local government elections and the same councillor cannot be on both councils.

Councillors receive sitting fees for attending meetings, paid by the regional councils.

�Changing the representation of elected members on regional councils too frequently may result in the City�s representatives not having a thorough knowledge or understanding of the issues the regional councils may be considering at a particular time,� a council document said.

�Continuity of membership may reduce such risks, although rotating membership will enable elected members to gain understanding of the business of the regional councils and therefore a better understanding of the City�s role.�

The policy was rejected six to seven with Crs Kerry Hollywood, Tom McLean, Geoff Amphlett, Christine Hamilton-Prime, Brian Corr, Russ Fishwick and Teresa Ritchie voting against.Cr Hollywood said the policy was undemocratic and �lacked credibility�.

�This is about money, not about having the most experienced persons on these boards,� she said.

�It targets regional councils and the DAP (development assessment panel) and does not mention the other external organisations elected members sit on where no sitting fees are paid.�

Crs Hollywood and Fishwick are the current representatives on the Mindarie Regional Council, with Cr Fishwick the chairman, and Crs McLean and John Chester are the current representatives on the Tamala Park Regional Council.