Relay volunteers needed

Relay for Life volunteers Merryl Smart and Pat La Frentz.
Relay for Life volunteers Merryl Smart and Pat La Frentz.

The Relay for Life is a 24-hour overnight event where teams of 10 to 15 keep a baton moving in a relay-style walk or run around the arena. At least one member from each team will be on the arena during the 24 hours, signifying cancer never sleeps.

Funds raised in the lead-up and during the event will help the Cancer Council with its research and support programs.

Both Pat and Merryl love the relays and are seasoned volunteers. Merryl has volunteered at 20 relays and Pat 19. ‘I’ve been to so many, I sometimes forget which one I am at,’ Merryl said.

Pat, who is the relay volunteers’ co-ordinator, said more help was needed to man crosswalks on the day, meet and greet teams as they entered the grounds and to help at the bouncy castles, erecting temporary fencing, manning booths or decorating fencing, booths and stalls with bunting.

‘There is a lot to do and most jobs are quite simple,’ Pat said.

Both women appreciate the importance of fighting cancer. Merryl lost her husband to prostate cancer and Pat fought a battle with breast cancer.

‘I was diagnosed with breast cancer in my 40s, but now much younger women are getting the disease,’ she said.

‘Volunteering at Cancer Council events is our way of fighting cancer. Neither Merryl nor I are up to getting around the arena, but we can help in other ways.’

For information call Pat on 0417 942 005 or email