Replacement plan stepped up

Whitfords, Joondalup, Stirling and Glendalough stations will also receive replacement escalators and a lift upgrade during the two-year program.

‘At each of the stations, the program will start with escalator replacements,’ Public Transport Authority spokesman David Hynes said. ‘Because of the scale of the work, it will take about 12 weeks to replace the escalators at each station.

‘Work to upgrade the lifts is expected to take a similar length of time. The works will be staged and where possible, the escalators going up will be kept running with some works to take place overnight.

‘Passengers at Warwick station have been notified via signage. We have also sent a Travel-Easy reminder to passengers and displayed information about the works on our website.

‘We have planned ahead to ensure that while escalators at Warwick station are undergoing work, the lift is still operational.’