Residents cry fowl

The petition objects to the odours allegedly emitted by Sinagra business Ingham Enterprises and calls for the State Government to restrict its odour limit and renew its licence in September only if the company takes steps to move within five years.

�Located barely 500m from Wanneroo�s central townsite, the odour detrimentally affects the standard of living and health of business in Wanneroo and the surrounding suburbs,� the petition states.

�The central suburban location of the feed mill and hatchery is greatly impairing the commercial and residential development of the Wanneroo townsite.

�The hatchery (should) relocate within two years of licence renewal and the feedmill within five years of licence renewal.�

Wanneroo MLA Paul Miles started the petition on behalf of residents and businesses.

It is available on his website or at his office.

Mr Miles said chicken-raising operations should be in industrial areas.