Residents in limbo on zoning

Deputy Mayor Dot Newton said yesterday the City sympathised with local residents and landowners who had waited about 10 years for the area to be zoned for development.

‘The City has gone well beyond its own legal responsibilities to step in and do what the State Government should have done years ago and created a detailed implementation framework to provide for future development in the area,’ she said.

She said the City first raised the concerns with the State Government in 2002 and continued to lobby in 2011.

Belgrade Road resident Margaret Manners told the council at Tuesday’s briefing session some residents had been waiting more than 35 years for the area to be zoned urban.

‘This particular topic has been consulted on, surveyed, had draft plans and some people have become ill and died waiting for this to happen,’ she said.

‘I don’t think it’s unreasonable for us to expect some action this year.’

Wanneroo councillors will consider a report, outlining modifications to the east Wanneroo local planning policy, at this Tuesday’s council meeting.

The report said the local planning policy would provide a planning framework and allow ‘urban and related development to occur in an orderly and proper manner’.